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Some Nursing Legal Aspects You Must Know In recent years, it has been shown that there is an increasing trend of nurses on a worldwide scale. And as a nurse in the health care industry, it is important that you know everything there is to know about your profession’s legal aspects, especially that your profession deals with caring and helping other people. However, because of the many negligence cases being filed for professional nurses, a lot of people now do not want to join the health care workforce because of fear of being sued. As time goes by, laws related to nursing have grown and evolved since 1903 when the first nursing law was made that is about nursing registration; these laws are now the ones being studied by student nurses. A lot of professional nurses these days are mostly familiar with the tort law as a nursing legal aspect. This kind of law tackles more on cases related to negligence and malpractice. This is one of the reasons why professional and aspiring nurses do their best to learn everything about it to address their fear of being sued in the health care field. Tort is the word that means a wrongful act that puts a person in harm, whether the act was done either intentionally or unintentionally. When a professional does not meet standards of care, he or she is committing a particular tort termed malpractice. This particular term is appears a lot in nursing law and other health care-related laws. A nurse, doctor, or a health-care professional is only able to properly provide care to his or her patients if they are greatly familiar with this term and anything that deals about it. For a professional nurse to avoid being sued for malpractice, they must observe all the necessary precautions when they go on shift duties. Keeping track of your actions and your patients is only made possible when you, as a nurse, make sure that you document, record, and report every nursing decision you make and every nursing routine you do. Practicing proper patient care not just encompasses making the most suitable decision on the part of the nurse, it has been taught in nursing schools that efficiently organizing and maintaining medical reports and records is also of equal importance. Being taken in the court of law to be charged with negligence is the result that will take place when professional nurses do not have any form of written documentation about their decisions and their results that will act as evidence.
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For every professional nurse, it is important that they are duly informed and updated of the different nursing legal aspects. Having a nursing degree is not enough to be called a competent professional nurse; it is important that every medical law must be kept in mind especially when it comes to the nurse encountering misunderstanding and difficulties with his or her patients and their family members. Because of the increasing number of legal cases being filed in hospitals, hospital institutions make sure that they are only hiring professional nurses that are not just skilled and competent but also possess the necessary knowledge regarding nursing legal aspects.Short Course on Resources – Getting to Square 1